About GGK

GGKMigration Service is owned by Mr. Geoffrey Kakaire, JP. Mr Kakaire and his family, originally from Uganda, is an Australian citizen and has lived in Australia for over 30 years. If you are interested in a visa to enter Australia, GGKMigration Service is your one stop shop for professional ad- vice and assistance. GGKMigration Service is reg- istered with the Office of Migration Agents Regis- tration Authority (OMARA). It is illegal in Australia for anybody or organisation to give migration ad- vice and assistance unless they are registered.OMARA sets high standards and this helps us as migration agents to be one of the highest profes- sionals in the world. We have a high knowledge of the complex Australian migration law, practice and ethical standards. Although our work is to provide you with quality advice how to obtain vi- sas, we also help you with pre visa assessments whether you are a student or skilled professional, preparation of CVs and how to prepare for your English test (if necessary)

The myth of guarantee and bribes
Even if you directly deal with the DIAC, you will not be guaranteed of success. Similarly no migration agent will give you 100% guarantee of success. However because we are governed by a code of conduct, we are up to date with the migration law and practice and we act in your best interest, we will lodge your application after making sure that you meet all the requirements and therefore your chances of success are high.

If we suspect you do not meet those require- ments, we will advise you accordingly or apply for another visa for you. Bribes are illegal in Australia. If anybody hands you this brochure and asks for a bribe or payment of any kind, or promises to obtain a visa for you, do not hesitate to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. If you are outside Aus- tralia, get his details and contact the authorities concerned or contact us by the quickest means

If you are not getting anywhere with us, you are free to complain to OMARA On 1300 226 272

If you have a problem with GGK Migration you should first try to solve the problem with us. Be- fore you contact us. you should think about what the problem is and what you would like to achieve. Ask us what we are prepared to do to help you resolve your concern. If you do not get a response from us then you should contact us by Telephone. Please bear in mind that at GGK Migration we are here to help you succeed in which ever way pos- sible so don`t look anywhere else.


GGK Migration is a Migration Agent that is based in Berala, Sydney. At GGK Migration we help you with pursuing your migration visa needs let it be visiting visas or seeking consultation for an informed decision on your part.


GGK Migration
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