Australian Migration law is complex and some- times confusing. It is also constantly changing. Therefore if you are not confident of what to do to get a visa, , do not risk it by relying only on the information you have found on the com- puter. You are better off contacting us. Mind you if you are an offshore applicant and your initial application is rejected, you have no rights of appeal. You will throw away the gold- en chance of getting that or alternative visa. Secondly you may be one of many people who are not aware of many alternative visas you can apply for to achieve your goal. To avoid all these problems, talk to the ex- perts. Visit our web site and complete the in- quiry form, or send us an e mail or get on the phone and we will respond immediately. List- ed below are some of the services you will expect from us:

    • Professional advice and assistance on what visa may be best suitable for you
    • Advise you what documents you may require to support your application
    • Professionally prepare the case in support of your application
    • Assist you to fill out the application
    • Provide you with advice on more complex matters
    • Submit/lodge your application and the rel- evant documents and sort out more complex issues
    • Communicate/liaise with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) or Australian Embassy(if your visa was lodged offshore),Panel doctors International Organiza- tion for Migration (IOM), if necessary and pre and skilled visa assessment authorities
    • Advise you with the required information about particular educational institutions, state/territory, region or particular employers and how and where to find a particular jobs in Australia


Our most important service and assistance to you is that we are legally required by OMARA, to act in your best interest. Secondly we take responsibility to see that your application is prepared accurately using the cor- rect forms and submitting the correct and relevant documents required. Thirdly we hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and for that matter your inter- ests are well looked after if, for any reason, your visa is cancelled because we are at fault, your loss may be compensated. Lastly but not least we will assist you how to find accommodation, schools for your children if they are of school age, give you information on places of interest in your area, how to go about finding gov- ernment and community services to new arrivals and any other service concerning settlement.


GGK Migration is a Migration Agent that is based in Berala, Sydney. At GGK Migration we help you with pursuing your migration visa needs let it be visiting visas or seeking consultation for an informed decision on your part.


GGK Migration
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